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Battling Ways of Life - Eradication of LGBTwhatever Ideology

Battling Ways of Life - Eradication of LGBTwhatever Ideology
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LGBTwhatever idology must be eradicated. This is really obvious to most people on this side of the internet, but I'm going to write a short post about it anyway. Please, a moment of your time.

Recently @michaeljknowles gave a speech at CPAC, the most mainstream republican conference out there, stating clearly and correctly that transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely. Uprooted entirely. He was lambasted and accused of genocide.

He, correctly again, pointed out that he was so fiercely opposed because he dared claim that the ground the left had thought it conquered was not ceded. We will fight for every inch, and will not rest until God's glory reigns, which includes the eradication of trans ideology.

But @michaeljknowles didn't reach far enough. This may have been a tactical decision because the Republican party has been captured by Dave Rubin types - effete homosexuals who think that their ratchet in the cultural revolution cannot be turned back. Homosexuals who don't like being challenged. They don't realize their way of life is degenerate and evil.

This is what we must say, unguardedly and often. Deviant sexual behavior harms those who participate in it and it harms the rest of society. There is much to be said about how and why, but today I will only summarize.

Suffice it to say, that when sex becomes decoupled from procreation, it becomes a tool for satisfying the self. When that is coupled with liberal ideology it becomes almost an imperative to explore more and more perverted and strange desires. The expression of self, especially sexually, becomes a goal. Sexual deviancy stops being a problem to be dealt with by way of personal growth and internal struggle but a badge to be worn with honor.

Liberalism, the sanctification of all arbitrary desire and the celebration of the whim, coupled with sexual liberation leads to pure, unbridled evil. People who would have been normal in any other world are plunged into the depths of depravity. They explore desires and wills that would have been suppressed and sublimated in a different world. Deviancy breeds deviancy, and it will never, ever stop at simply "consensual" same-sex contact.

Human sexuality demands a strong, robust societal norm to serve its purpose. We don't understand what society in which sex is just like scratching (an ever more deviant and hard to reach) itch looks like because we're in the second generation of degeneracy. The first and a half if you count from gay liberation. No kids. No holiness. No family. Just people whose entire lives revolve around their own perverted sexual desires.  

Man's societal nature, discussed in short in a previous post here, means that we cannot judge acts simply by "who they harm directly" or if they are done consensually. Actions matter because norms and the institutions dependent upon them are changed by actions, and human flourishing is dependent upon those institutions. Man descends into depravity and society erodes without these norms. There is no true individuality without society and without limits on sexual freedom.  

What we must understand is that we are staring a new way of life in the face. It's been easy to sort of just ignore what's going on, especially because of how we see religion nowadays (this will receive a post next week) - as an internal system of belief directed towards the salvation of the soul, more or less - but religion in its true essence is a way of life. A way of life includes societal norms and institutions, expectations and laws and of course a sexual ethic.

The LGBTwhatever agenda is a branch of the liberal, post-Christian way of life. This is a pagan heresy no less pagan than any other heresy ever devised. It must be destroyed and eradicated at all levels.  This is why it's so shocking to see observant Jews and rabbis on the one hand and bishops and even the pope on the other refuse to acknowledge what this is, and to refuse to repudiate everything about this ideology.

So we must push Knowles and his ilk - those truly on the right, but still accepted in the mainstream Republican party - to go all the way. There is no eradication of transgenderism without the eradication of all LGBTwhatever ideology entirely.

The eradication of transgenderism is to no end without the eradication of LGBTwhatever ideology. The eradication of LGBTwhatever ideology is to no end if we do not understand it and its parent way of life, liberalism, as atheistic (worse than pagan) denials of God and the way of life he prescribed for us. There is a battle raging between world views and life-systems We must say this clearly. Society has an end - the good life, the life directed at God. This entails a complete rejection of sexual revolutionism and of liberalism broadly.

Knowles says this. He chooses enemies and targets them. But the time has come to really be clear and coherent. We reject the rewriting of Truth, Good, and God. We reject the religation of our belief and faith in God to the private sphere and internal belief. We reject the alternative way of life being offered to us.

God must reign for man to be free. We must reject transgenderism. We must destroy LGBTwhatever ideology. We must end liberalism. We must return God's glory and His word to its rightful place leading society.