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An End to Empire

We call ourselves "Taking Back the Rainbow." The rainbow is simply a symbol, a placeholder, for a much larger ideal.
An End to Empire
The Queen's Jubilee. Who rules and who is ruled?

We call ourselves "Taking Back the Rainbow." The rainbow is simply a symbol, a placeholder, for a much larger ideal. Our culture has been hijacked by an extreme, individualist cult called LGBT Pride. The LGBT movement is not simply a set of ideas or an argument about societal roles and institutions. It's a universalistic Empire that has set out to conquer the entire world.

At Taking Back the Rainbow, we distinguish between three levels of discourse.

1) The Individual. The individual who is attracted to people of his own sex. The individual who feels a deep and abiding disconnect between his body and mind. The individual who has been taken in by a sick culture and convinced to think and act in a certain way. Individuals need care, love and kindness. We must make it our goal that any vitriol - just, right vitriol - directed at the LGBT movement does not wash over into a hatred of those struggling. We must always have an open ear and a loving heart for those who need us in our lives, and we must always help them in their struggles.

2) Societal institutions. There are discussions to be had about our norms and institutions. I believe, as do many others, that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe, as do many (maybe fewer, but many) others, that homosexual sodomy is wrong. But these are discussions to be had. Maybe in a saner society, these issues would be settled, but we don't get to choose the time in which we live, and we must be willing and able to have discourse about some topics regarding sexual ethics. This will be a main focus of this site going forward.

3) Empire. The LGBT Movement is uninterested in discussion or in care, love and kindness. They are interested in conquering cultures and ways of life. They take no prisoners and leave no room for discussion. They work through violence - literal, physical violence - and intimidation. We must fight back with as much fury, rage and righteous anger as they marshall for their side. We must fight with more because we are coming from behind. They are trying to mutilate and poison our children. They are trying to warp their bodies and minds. They admit to no discussion and have labeled us violent and evil. They will not stop at words. Laws have already been passed in countries around the world. Social media blocks people who refuse to use "preferred pronouns."

They debase our culture and our minds. We must fight back. This is not a "discussion" to be had between rational friends. This is a battle, a war.

When the Queen's Jubilee is adorned with a street full of pride flags, nary a Union Jack in sight, you know you have been conquered. When all US embassies (except, of course, for those in the Arab world) fly the Pride flag along with the Stars and Stripes, you know you have been conquered. Any flag may fly under the pride flag alone.

And so we fight. So we must fight. Subscribe to join in the fight against LGBT Empire.